Driving in Thailand
Tips on what to expect when facing local drivers in Rural Thailand.
Thailand's Amazing Skies
Gallery of cloud formations and sunsets/sun rises in Thailand.
Scoville Scale
Approximate heat comparison of many popular types of chilies (with pictures).
Pictures and information on the use of herbs and spices from around the World.
Thailand's Markets
Take a trip around a North East Thailand town's markets (with pictures).

House building
The history in pictures of building a three bedroom, one storey house in Rural Thailand.
Sing-a-Song Girls
Pictures and Videos of the local Sing-a-Song Girls, Surin, Thailand.

Elephant Round-up
Pictures of the World Famous Elephant Round-up and Fair at Surin, Thailand.

Songkhran Pictures The Thai New Year in Pictures.
(2007 - 2012)
Isaan Images Images of the Isaan Region of North East Thailand.


Dwyle Flonking


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** Like them or Loath them, There are now over 200 Songs **

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Life in Surin


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Old Fart's Chat Show

 Old Fart's Chat Show

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Spud Recipes

Driving in Thailand

Asian Race Queens

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Life in Surin Life in Surin
Life in Surin Life in Surin