The Waveney Valley Dwyle Flonking Association
The Association was the first ever formed in order to collate information about the game. It is due to their efforts that Flonking has become so popular.
The game was revived and played locally during 1966, but it was just before the Association held its annual dinner at the Three Tuns Hotel, Bungay, on January 28, 1967 that the whole country got to hear of it.
An extension of-hours for the licensed bar was required at the dinner, so application was made to the Magistrate's Court; who were uncertain as to just what “Dwyle Flonking” was. When the local newspapers featured this, the national dailies became very interested and sent reporters and photographers to the Wherry Inn at Geldeston, near Beccles in Suffolk to see a demonstration. Photographs and descriptions appeared throughout the country. Recordings were made for use on radio and television, and the Flonkers were even rushed to London on Saturday January 22 to give a demonstration on I.T.V.'s Eamonn Andrews Show. World-wide newspapers described the 'Olde English game of Dwyle Flonking', which was to become internationally known.
The Association is the main body responsible for the promotion of Flonking, both in England and overseas; its members are very experienced, and their advice is called on from numerous sources interested in the game.
As more and more people wanted to see Flonking in action the W.V.D.F.A. decided that any money they might receive by appearing at various fetes and functions would be donated to local charities.
Members of the Association
The Association combined two teams, one from Beccles and one from Bungay; the majority of players coming from the large printing works in the two towns.
The following were the main members of the Association (nicknames shown in parentheses):
Robert Bunyard (Cuthbert), Steven Darby (Harbut), Robert Devereux (Traffer), Gerald Feavyour (Gerry Can), Richard Gillard (Grumbles), Ray Norman (Dunger), Graham Sudd (Ish), Mrs Margaret Rudd (Maggie).
Michael Erowne (Basil), Roger Bullen (Basher), Peter Butcher (Butch), Arthur Davey (Driveller), Reg Edmunds (Big Ed), George High (Jin), Harry Jolly (Trip), Andy Leverett (Smiler), Adrian Mutitt (Mufty), Grahan Roberts (Grabber).