The Evening Market (1)


The particular market in which these images were captured is the
Surin Evening Market. The market operates from around
3 o’clock in the afternoon until 9 pm and specialises
in cooked food.

The images were captured between 18:30 and 19:00.


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Uncooked tuna fish
(pla hang khaeng)

A vast array of vegetables including cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus,
chilies, pumpkin, limes, tomatoes, bell peppers,
celery, kale, Chinese radish and cabbage.

Pork sausage, torfu, crab sticks, fishball, chicken sausage, prawn, wanton plau, beef sausage and flour balls

Deep fried fish (pla thawd)

Prawn fish cakes and shrimps in batter
thawd manh khung, khung thawd)

Waffles (rang pung)

Chicken kebabs and pork ribs (gai yaan, si-khrong moo)

Rice (khow)

Bananas (kluai)

White tilapia and red tilapia (pla nim, pla taptim)

Tuna fish (pla hang khaeng)

Village chicken and corn fed chicken
(gai baan, gai liam)

Roast chicken and roast pork
ghai yaang , moo yaang)

Morning glory and Thai basil (phak boung, bai horapha)

Cha Um

Guava (farang)

Zabaca (salat)

Green oranges (som khiao waan)

Deep fried dried pork
moo  daet diao)

Steamed duck with red soy sauce (phed pha-lo)

Deep fried soured fish and deep fried tuna with chili dipping sauce
pla sum, pla hang khaeng, naam prik kapi)

Sticky rice - plain, pandan and red
khow niao, khao, bai teui, dam)

Pork ribs and pork belly
si-khrong moo, phoung moo)

Pig’s intestines, pig skin, pigs head, heart, 
kidney and liver
sai moo, nang moo, hua moo, hua-chai moo,
tai moo, tab moo

Spring roll, fish wanton and fish curry cake in banana cup
po piah thawd, kiew thawd, haw mok pla)

Pork sausage, pork leg and pig’s head
(sai-krawk moo, kha moo, hua moo)

Pomelo (som oh)

Isaan soup

Deep frying the loog chin tort (in this case, fishballs) and serving with a generous helping of firey red chili dip

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