Death of an Electric Citizen - Edgar Broughton Band
Thought I heard a raindrop fall
It trickled di dum diddy
And the trickle was a stream
And the stream was a river
Running, running, running, running to the sea
And the sea meets the sky
And you know, you know, you know
The sky had no end
No end, no end, no end, no end

There's Aura Borealis
In a chu chu bone
In a chu chi hoo a di
Your not going home
Got a sappa sappa and a hex spin
Like I cried out for water
Like a body thin

In the sky was a city
City palace all around wall
And a 12 Gods where Bacchus fall
Aphrodite play with -
sheep from the out the den
there's a lion roar in my head
electric bim bam bim bam

Like I gotta woooo
An I gotta woooo
Like I gotta woo chu chi
Moan a bit moan a bit cry a bit sleep a bit die a bit
If you wanna if you like it

There's a one tall maiden with a green eye
She says this is my heaven
You can make it if you try
An there's a woo ooo theres a woo oo I die
There's a woo oo I die

And you hear the promises
Blowin in the wind
The wind is a vehicle for a bad man's sins
And the pearly city opens
You got a ticket on the town
Stop-go stop go stop go stop...go
You know you can go

With a black bone and the blessings of and the blessings of Belial
And that's just about the death of the electric citizen.