Are We Dreaming? - Kevin Coyne
See the photographs strewn around me
Looks through the windows, they need cleaning
See the lady by the bower
Sits there for hours
She is dreaming 
She is dreaming
She is dreaming

See the tram cars, see the steeple
See the crumbling aged people
Walk in side ways through the bushes
It's a nice place
If you're dreaming
If you're dreaming
Are you dreaming?

Hear the bells go, they're always ringing
Take no notice, just start singing
A passing melody, a little nightmare
It was nothing
I was dreaming,
I was dreaming, truly dreaming

I don't mind what you say, you can say it anyway
You can keep on talking for hours and hours
Keep on talking, it takes the time away, takes it all away
Remove the sadness, keep on running
Though you're old, can't do no running
There's a rythm stuck inside you
You can't loose it though you're dreaming
You're always dreaming, though you're dreaming

Alleluia, we're all rising
Running through the fields
It's not surprising
See the lime lights, feel the sunlight
We'll live forever
Though we're dreaming
Are we dreaming?
Are we dreaming?
Are we dreaming?
Are we dreaming?
Are we dreaming?