The Evening Market (2)


The particular market in which these images were captured is the
Surin Evening Market. The market operates from around
3 o’clock in the afternoon until 9 pm and specialises
in cooked food.

The images were captured between 18:30 and 19:00.


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Deep fried young frogs
kiad thawd)

Grilled fish and deep fried frogs (pla saba, kiad thawd)

Grilled salted white tilapia and red tilapia (pla nim, pla taptim)

A selection of Thai curries (kaeng)

Fish balls, fish wanton, prawn and squid
loog chin plah, khung, pla muek lek)

Grilled pork ribs, chicken and pig’s intestines (si-khrong moo, gai, sai moo)

Grilled pork balls, fried Chinese sausage
sai krok, kun chiang)

The Som Tam  Stall (Click for recipe)

A selection of Thai curries (kaeng)

Thai deserts/sweets (Kanhom)

Pork leg and trotters (kha moo)

Steamed fish and chili dipping sauce (pla raat prik, naam prik)

Serve yourself salad bowl (salat)

Catfish and white tilapia fish, deep fried
pla duk thawd, pla nim thawd)

Pilot fish, deep fried (pla salid thawd)

Salad bowl

Thai deserts/sweets (khanom waan)

Barbequed ring of pork sausages
sai-krawk moo)

Freshwater prawns (khung)

Remains of an Isaan curry soup

Fish curry cake in a banana leaf cup (haw mok pla)

Tuna fish (pla hang hhaeng)

Okra, squash, galangal, dok kae
krachiap, buab, khar, dok kae)

Steamed tilapia with vegetables, rice
pla numg)

Small shrimps (khung)

Hard boiled chicken eggs and torfu soup
kai gai, tong hue)

Tomatoes, papaya (sliced), bananas, pomeloes,
water melon and papaya (whole)
mak rhua thed, mala kaw, kluai, som oh, taeng mo, mala kaw)

A selection of nuts (too hah)

The white dok kae flower (dok kae)

Recipe for Gang Som

Fried silk worms (dak dhair)

Eggplant and chili pastes (mak rhua, prik kaeng)

Deep fried pork (moo khrop)

Pork (moo)

Parcelled Thai rice sweets (khanom)

Orchid leaves (ghluan mai)

Pennywart (pak wen)                       Egg plant (mak rhua)

Galangal (khar) Okra (krachiap
Winged beans (thua phou)

Pumpkin custard (
sangkaya fuk thong)

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